Live at FutureBook 2011

Live at FutureBook 2011

What's the mood of FutureBook 2011? There are 550 delegates at the QEII Conference Centre today listening to talks from industry leaders such as Stephen Page, Evan Schnittman, Dominique Raccah, the brilliantly named Chris Book, Anobii's Matteo Berlucchi, and Penguin's Anna Rafferty.

The mood is positive, vibrant and forward thinking; the speakers have been brilliant so far (Stephen 'Don Draper' Page - a particular highlight); and the tweets invariably honest. Even the wi-fi has worked (just about).

Page rocked the keynotes with his honest and open-minded approach to discussing what publishing is now all about: connecting the author to the reader. Schnittman was knowingly controversial, advocating that the industry needed print books in order to survive, and that it should go about enhancing p, rather than e. Raccah was typically honest in her assessment of how publishers needed to evolbe in order to retain their authors and grow their customers: be parents of the future.

Delegates are tweeting at #futurebook

Best quotes of the day so far:

Dominique Raccah

"2012 may be the most important year in the history of publishing (since I've been in the industry anyhow)"

"We need to let go of some of the things we we are attached to. We need to be parents of our future, rather than the children of our past."

Evan Schnittman

"Print must thrive for publishing to survive. Print must survive for publishing to thrive."

Stephen Page

"We are a business about reading and writing, the bit between the writer and reader is called the publisher."

"There is a riot of cross-dressing going on . . . everybody is trying to play with the tools to hand."

"2012 is the year things are going to change dramtically and I'm going to enjoy it."