Kindle and Nook dominate as iMacPad dwindles

Kindle and Nook dominate as iMacPad dwindles

The 2014 results are in and Apple’s iMacPad has for the first time dropped out of the top three ebook devices globally. It was a close run thing with readers finally focussing all their attention on pure ebook readers and dropping their use of tablets for books.

[To remove any doubt, and keep the lawyers at bay, what follows is a pure work of fiction. I do not, or have not possessed a time travel device and my psychic powers are not as good as they may appear. However, anything I am proved right on I reserve the right to say ‘I told you so’].

Welcome to my final blog post of 2014 and what a year it has been. The year started with the final convergence of the laptop and tablet into the ‘tabtop’ which if you remember, all started with Microsoft’s first Surface RT tablet way back in late 2012 (doesn’t that look like an old typewriter now…) and in mid 2013 Apple retiring the iPad and oft maligned iPad mini with the launch of the iMacPad going head to head with Microsoft. Imagine if Microsoft hadn’t blocked the use of MS Office on the iMacPad – the story could’ve been so different.

So what’s in the average person’s bag these days. Well, the mobile wallet has finally arrived with everyone using their phone as their main payment device, and the ebook readers have become thinner lighter and more realistic with every iteration. Kindle is still king with the Nook and the new इलेक्ट्रॉनिक पुस्तक from India Telecom the big new entrant. and for business users its a taptop.

So it’s an iPhone 14 or a Samsung MilkyWay 8 or perhaps a BlackWindow Panther (the purchase of Blackberry by Windows last year still seems like a great move for the developing world markets at least) as the main device that sits in our pocket, controls our TV and home entertainment – yes, we’re all using SMART TVs now despite my initial scepticism. Europe’s last bookstore switched over to ebook only last month and the quality of the ebook page’s now arguably is better than paper ever was. 4G has long wiped out any whinges on connectivity and the tabtops give us all the other functions we need.

Right, I am off in my Hover Car to the Olympic stadium to watch Premier League champions West Ham take on the recently relegated Manchester City in the Screwfix League Cup.