Just A few Questions, Ms. Rowling...

This really feels like a watershed moment, doesn't it?  So, briefly...

1) I'm a bit confused - how is watermarking not DRM by another name?

2) How will you enforce anti-piracy sanctions against offenders?  Will you prosecute?  If not, what use is it, really?

3)  Who would you in fact prosecute?  Digital watermarks don't reveal who pirated the book - they tell you who purchased the book.  Is there a presumption of guilt on the owner (i.e. they're the pirate by default) if their copy of the book is found some place it oughtn't to be, e.g. a torrent?

4)  Are you sure that embedding personally identifiable information in the book itself is such a good idea?  No nagging privacy issues?

5)  Aren't you sending a mixed message to your fans?  "I trust you - but not that much."  Not nearly as much, for example, as Trent Reznor or Cory Doctorow trust their fans.  Or, come to think of it, not as much as Amazon trust any of their mp3 customers.

6)  Hasn't your customer database just become the ne plus ultra of hackers' wet dreams?

7)  And finally... How long do you think it will be until someone releases a de-watermarking tool?