Join us at FutureBook Live 2018: Provoke, Predict, Play

Join us at FutureBook Live 2018: Provoke, Predict, Play

Are you sitting comfortably?

Well, it’s time to get the hell up, try something new and start taking more risks. Because this year, FutureBook Live is on a mission to put a sparkling rocket of creativity and courage up the book trade.

Sure, most of us have done pretty well in the past year. Sales are up, indie outfits are flourishing and greater diversity is slowly creeping in. But there’s also a dangerous whiff of complacency in the air. A lingering sense of entitlement. A wilful blindness to the cataclysmic technological and social changes coming our way.

So this year, Europe’s biggest publishing innovation conference is designed to get publishing professionals from across the spectrum - from agents to booksellers, digital specialists to designers, big-name publishers to ambitious entrepreneurs - to think big, be brave and get the hell on with becoming relevant to a new generation. Our three electrifying strands will help you:

Provoke: ask the uncomfortable questions about what is (or isn’t) working right now. From an examination of what readers really want to a deep-dive into lessons from streaming and subscription models, you’ll rethink everything you’re doing today so it you’re not outpaced tomorrow.

Predict: look five years into the future, at the tech and issues that are going to transform what and how you create. How should you be harnessing the next gen of AI, voice, VR, gaming and blockchain? What jobs will be left by 2025, and what sort of leadership do we need to make the most of them? Expect big thinking from big brains.

Play: press pause on the rhetoric and get hands-on with the approaches and technologies that will help you deliver on your ideas. Test your beta concepts with our live ThinkSprint session. Hack your workflow in an on-the-spot workshop. Pitch your startup to a panel of industry insiders. Above all: try, don’t just talk.

As for speakers, expect an awful lot of people you’ve never heard of. Sure, there’ll be some big names from the book world, but we also want to expose you to perspectives, expertise and ideas from innovators making waves in a range of industries - from music to neuroscience, voice design to TV.

So put Friday November 30th in your diary, register your interest now, and start limbering up.

Book people, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone.

(Oh and of course, if there’s anyone you particularly want to hear from, or any topic you’re dying to see covered, just give us a shout, and we’ll do our best. What’s more, if they’re totally new to us, you’ll be rewarded with a free bestseller-generating algorithm. Possibly.)