Entale helps publishers ride the audio wave with smart new software

Entale helps publishers ride the audio wave with smart new software

Entale's formidable team wants to create "a rich, enhanced listening experience" for both audiobooks and podcasts.

The pitch

Entale is a "B2B2C" SaaS (software as a service) platform that offers both a set of content creation tools and a consumer facing app and web experience for the podcast and publishing industry. Entale aims to give publishers greater control of their own content, by enhancing the current podcasting technical standards and introducing a new form of audio storytelling with enhanced media and richer metadata.

"Entale provides a rich, enhanced listening experience across devices incuding mobile app, web and smart speakers; simple-to-use content creation and publishing tools through a proprietary content management system; and dynamic ad-insertion and targeting via a proprietary platform that interfaces with the most popular programmatic and data platforms," says the start-up's head of partnerships and business development, Hannah Blake.

The team

Entale was born out of Founders Factory, the corporate-backed incubator and accelerator led by Brent Hoberman and Henry Lane Fox. C.e.o. Wil Harris was previous head of digital at Conde Nast and co-founder/c.e.o. of ChannelFlip Media, a YouTube-focused video network that was acquired by News Corp in 2012. Engineering lead Graham Lyons was previously lead senior engineer at Founders Factory, while product head Claire Roberts ewas formerly product manager at Unruly Media. Blake comes from a background in innovation and business development roles at WPP's MEC (now Wavemaker), BBC Worldwide and Founders Factory.

What's the gap in the market?

The current options around creation, distribution, monteisation and consumption of audio and podcast content are far from perfect. Podcasting as a medium was developed in 2004 - long before social, mobile and programmatic ad technology came to be - and it shows. The Entale team feels the time is ripe to reinvent the process.

"Entale addresses this market challenge by adding proprietary and additional rich content to the audio stream (eg pictures, links, maps, documents) and metadata (eg chapter markers, topics, social sharing cues)," Blake explains. "This allows for a significantly more engaging story to be told (and shared), facilitating a better publishing experience for content creators and a better consumption experience for users."

Success so far?

Entale is already working with a number of big publishers including Universal Music and Conde Nast, who are using the Entale Web Player. Having just raised seed funding, Entale is now working towards launching its consumer app in the spring.

Biggest challenges?

"Our biggest challenge will be to drive users away from consuming traditional podcasts on Apple's standard podcasting app," Blake admits.

Ultimate ambition?

"To be the number one destination for the consumption and creation of new podcasting and audio content." 

Advice to other publishing entrepreneurs?

"Find the smartest people you can and surround yourself with them, then empower them to solve problems - multiple brains are better than one."