Digital publisher PressPad offers authors a new embeddable bookshop

Digital publisher PressPad offers authors a new embeddable bookshop

PressPad hopes the tech behind its new embeddable digital store will help authors improve their conversion rate from clicks to sales.

The pitch

PressPad is a digital publishing technology company that develops self-publishing and digital distribution tools for magazine publishers and book authors. Currently, they offer three main products: mobile magazine apps, news apps, and web-based digital newsstands.

The team

The PressPad team comprises seven people (developers, marketers, product designers) located in Krakow, Poland and three in Tokyo, Japan. "All of us are digital technology savvy, with strong background in tech, sales and marketing," says VP of business development, Wojciech Szywalski. "Our Japanese branch consists of technology veterans from Japan who played a key roles in Sun, NeXT and"

What's the gap in the market? 

Szywalski believes that paid digital distribution of magazines and books can do much better than currently, and that their latest product will help bridge that gap.

"With PressPad Store publishers get their own digital store and have it embedded on their website and/or blogs. Simply speaking they can use it on as many pages as they want. What’s unique about this technology is that PDF purchase process from the registration to payment remains on the same page where it has begun. It means improvement in conversion rate to sales.

"For those who are interested in technical aspects. PressPad Store is built in ReactJS, a JavaScript library maintained by Facebook. We do not use Flash either, and for rendering PDFs a JS engine is used. That's a modern approach."

Success so far?

As a company, PressPad has been serving publishers since 2011. Initially, they only created mobile apps for magazines but are excited about extending their offer with products for online publishers, WordPress-based websites and authors who want to use their personal brand to sell more digital books online.

Biggest challenges?

"Communication with bigger publishers is always challenging because their decision-making is usually slow. The bigger the publisher the slowest decision making is. That's a pain, mainly for publishers because it stops them from the positive change."

Ultimate ambition?

"Our ambition always was to educate publishers about digital publishing and digital delivery. Digital publishing is rapidly changing and it started to mimic e-commerce in many fields. We do that through our company blog."

Advice to other publishing entrepreneurs?

"Be kind to your competitors. Be kind to yourselves."