Coffee anyone? Futurebook hangover

Coffee anyone? Futurebook hangover

I suspect I may not be the only one nursing a tiny hangover this morning. Futurebook held its inaugural drinks last night in Soho. And, as with all good publishing parties, promptly drank the bar dry. We had hoped for a diverse group of digital people to come along and you didn't let us down.

I had so many amazing chats with you all, a few that have stuck in my mind:

- the designer from Penguin was there to discuss how digital will impact on cover design

- developers showing me prototype iPad apps

- a new audio-book app due to launch very soon

- a TV production owner talking about delivering content as digital books 

- a librarian who has launched History iphone apps

- a children's book publisher discussing leadership

- social media expert who runs training courses for publishers

And many many more. There are so many dynamic things happening across the industry and I think we have a very exciting year ahead.

Check out last night's action on Twitter:

Thank you all so much for making it such a HUGE success. 

If you came last night and would like to introduce yourselves, perhaps you could leave a comment on this post.