BISG Launches EPUB 3.0 Grid

BISG Launches EPUB 3.0 Grid


Although EPUB 3.0 has been a standard since October 2011, the adoption of the EPUB 3 standard by the major e-book retailers has been very slow, if non-existant.  Currently, iBooks and Vitalsource are the only two e-book platforms that are officially supporting EPUB 3 that I am aware of. Getting a complex book to work across iPads, Amazon, Kobo and Nook devices is undeniably a challenge.

The BISG (with the help of key partners, including YUDU) has put together a useful grid for publishers and their suppliers to help them navigate through the myriad of devices. The aim is to keep updating it monthly, providing a constant update on how EPUB 3.0 is supported across different apps, devices and reading systems.

You can examine the grid yourself right here and best efforts are made to update the EPUB 3.0 Support Grid monthly, so keep checking in to review what enhancements are visible on which device.

As the tablet market grows, one of the questions on book publishers’ minds will be about how seriously to take bespoke outputs such as iBooks Author that has some delightful features and provides and excellent user experience.

What is more important for publishers and their content? Cross platform availability or end user experience? It will be a challenge to decide where and how to make the best revenues in the rapidly changing digital arena for enhanced and illustrated content.