Apps for Sound History

Apps for Sound History

 Capturing the Sounds of Sheffield using a bright new audio social networking app

The British Library is using an intuitive audio social networking app by Audioboo to harness the public to help record the sounds of Sheffield for the UK sound map. The British Library is initiating an interactive survey, UK SoundMap, launching as a regional trial in Sheffield. The survey will map the sounds of the acoustic landscape (‘soundscape’) and preserve the sounds of 2010 for the future.


The technology employed by the Audioboo recording application for smart phones gives the general public a chance to get involved with this innovative research project just by recording their surroundings and then describing them with simple tags and comments. The recordings and data will be retained permanently and made accessible to everyone for generations to come. The thinking is for the British Library to run a mass observation exercise to create a significant body of audio data for environment researchers.


The app itself is fascinating - AudioBoo,  Audioboo is a mobile and web platform that allows for the simple recording of broadcast quality audio, the ability to add a picture, title and location details which is then uploaded to, where it can be instantly shared with friends, family or the world. The platform supports posting to Twitter, Facebook and other social platform as well as the ability to record via the web. Basically it is a social networking and tagging tool based on audio - which I think gives a much more 3D feel to sharing an experience than just posting something on twitter!


So publishers who is going to be the first to share something on Audioboo from a literary festival, author reading.... ?

Jane Tappuni Publishing Technology PLC