Advantage Amazon As Apple Fans Get Angry

Advantage Amazon As Apple Fans Get Angry

In a week where Apple fans have got angry on the blogs, Amazon appeared to have scored lots of points in the small tablet war. However, dig a little deeper and it was not necessarily the high price tag on the iPad mini that seemed to irk the loyal Apple fans, but the news that their shiny new iPad 3 will be obsolete within a few months with the launch of the iPad 4.

It will be interesting to see how far the innovative manufacturer can stretch the patience of their fans. Have they gone one step too far this time?

I have to admit myself to being a convert to Apple - I have an iPhone 4S and an iPad 3 but actually, at this point I have decided that those iterations are fine for me and Apple won't be getting any $$ out of me in the next 12 months at least. No to the iPhone 5 and no to the iPad mini and iPad 4 - why? As this is an ebook blog I won't spend much time explaining the phone bit - suffice to say, not much change in the new device is the reason.

Lets look at the iPad. Don't get me wrong, I love it. From movies to apps (e,g, the new Times app is excellent) to showing presentations it's brilliant but I have finally lost patience with it for books. It's just too heavy. So, I will be swiching back to my good old lightweight kindle and resigning myself to coping with just 4 devices when I travel - phone (talking to humans), iPad (for apps, movies and email), laptop (for serious work) and kindle (for books).

So here is my pledge for 2014. No new phone [iPhone 4S does the job], no new tablet [iPad 3 is fine] but possibly a Kindle upgrade if I can be tempted by the new white screen......