5 things inspiring Orion's senior audio manager Paul Stark right now

5 things inspiring Orion's senior audio manager Paul Stark right now

Paul Stark has been at Orion for a decade, working in various roles in rights, e-books and digital distribution before moving to the audio team four years ago. He was hooked on the format and its opportunities from the very start: "On my second day in the department I went to a recording session and was utterly transfixed; audio is such a powerful way to tell stories," he says. Particular triumps include ramping up Orion's audio production in SFF, taking a creative approach to building Orion's audio backlist and bringing new audiences to the format, as evidenced by his work on YouTuber KSI's KSI: The Best Bits. 

Stark was selected as one of The Bookseller's Rising Stars 2017; here he shares five things inspiring him to think and work differently right now.

Hardware: It’s a huge cliché, but I love my iPhone – it’s such a user-friendly piece of kit, easy to use and very versatile. It makes a variety of content available on the go, which is changing the way people consume, and publishers (along with all other content providers) have to react accordingly. It’s played such a vital role in the audiobook revolution, and the evolution of the download market and people’s listening habits keeps us reviewing our publishing programmes on a regular basis.

Software: Audacity [free, open source, cross-platform audio software]. I’ve been having a lot of fun making clip reels, recording interviews and curating extra content recently. Again, it’s versatile - and very user friendly!

Book: Catherine Price’s How to Break Up With Your Phone, read by Rosie Jones. Yes, I’m aware of the hypocrisy here. We worked with Catherine to re-jig the introduction to the book to reflect the fact that most people would be listening on a phone and the response has been fantastic. It’s a clever, practical guide that’s helping me love my iphone a little less…

Idea: The Spare Room Project [which matches interns from outside of London with publishers who can offer a spare room]. Such a simple idea, but James Spackman’s initiative is a fantastic way to help get different voices from different backgrounds into publishing. I’ve hosted five people now, one’s gone on to a full time position in the industry, and have been really inspired by their passion and ideas for the industry.

Person: Working with Sarah Millican was a blast – she was funny, friendly and seriously sharp.