5 things inspiring Bolinda's Rebecca Hermann right now

5 things inspiring Bolinda's Rebecca Hermann right now

Rebecca Hermann is an Australian entrepreneur, businesswoman, and one of the first unabridged audiobook publishers in the world. She is co-c.e.o. and joint shareholder of Bolinda, the world’s largest independent audiobook company, and the creator of BorrowBox, the leading digital e- and audio-book lending app. An inspirational speaker and audio evangelist, Hermann won the FutureBook 2017 Leader of the Year Award.

Here she shares five things inspiring her to think and work differently right now.

Hardware: My Beats limited edition black wireless noise cancelling headphones. I wear these every time I need to focus and get lots of things done. If you are in an open office environment like me, they are the best investment.

Software: The BorrowBox app which we developed for libraries. It enables a member of a library to borrow ebooks and e-audiobooks for limited periods of time by way of a digital loan. Our team developed this app and they set me up with my own flagship audiobook store, so I am working through listening to every audiobook I have ever published. It’s a joy and I listen every time I am in my car or on the go. Also, I love Slack. It has transformed the way we work together as a team and raised communication amongst us to an all time high.

Book: It’s really hard to pick one but I’m reading (or rather listening to) High Performance Habits by Brendan Buchard. I have a book group that is made up of some of the most successful women entrepreneurs in Australia who I’m lucky enough to have as friends. We meet every month at one another’s home to talk about the book and life. It's unbelievably inspiring – we learn lots and share wisdom with one another. It’s the one thing I look forward to on the first Tuesday of every month. I highly recommend starting a book group.

Idea: I am experimenting with the idea of one hour in solitude a day and a few hours in nature a week. I can see there will be high pay-offs doing this regularly, by giving myself space just to think. The science behind it, as taught by Robin Sharma, is incredible.

Person: I have three mentors. Dr James Rouse produces the Daily Treehouse video on Facebook, and I love the teachings in his book Eat Move Thrive – The practice for an awesome life. Then there's Robin Sharma. I am a member of the glorious #5am club, and I live by the 20/20/20 formula (start every day with 20 minutes meditation, learning and movement) and the 90/90/1 rule (spend 90 minutes a day for the next 90 days on the single most important thing in your job or life). Finally, I admire Brooke Castillo, of the Life Coach School podcast, who has a great framework on how to change the way you think about things and transform your life.