5 inspiring things: Nick Barreto

5 inspiring things: Nick Barreto

In the first of a new series, Nick Barreto, co-founder of new digital publisher Canelo, shares five things inspiring him to think and work differently right now.

Hardware: My Moto360 watch, which I've had for a couple of years now, is actually most useful in work contexts. I can silence my phone without taking it out of my pocket, and screen calls discreetly during meetings. It hasn't changed my life completely, but it makes me better at concentrating my attention where it should be.

Software: We wouldn't be able to function at Canelo without Slack. It completely replaces email internally: we only ever send emails outside the company. It means we're always in touch and conversations stick to dedicated channels. Integrations with Google Docs and other software that we use makes it even better.

Book: Well it isn't exactly work, but I did start organising my clothes Marie Kondo-style recently, and I have to say it totally works and my wardrobe is actually so much easier to use now.

Idea: I know it might sound counter-intuitive, but the biggest thing that's changed how we work at Canelo is a commitment to simplicity. We try and make everything that we do as straightforward and understandable as possible, from our contracts, to our royalty statements and everything in between. It can be quite difficult, but if you're a believer in Gall's Law, then it's actually the only choice we have. 

Person: When I stop and think about it, Ada Lovelace is just so incredible. A lot of people give up on doing things because they're too hard or haven't been done before, but she wrote a program for a conceptual computer that was never actually built. We can't be afraid of doing new things or pushing boundaries, even if the immediate results are unclear.