5 inspiring things: Naomi Bacon

5 inspiring things: Naomi Bacon

Naomi Bacon, who has recently launched herself into the freelance world, specialising in marketing, PR, social media and creative strategy as well as offering social media training, on the things and ideas inspiring her to work and think differently.

Hardware: I don't own a huge amount of hardware but I did buy myself a new laptop to mark going freelance. I went for an ASUS X555LA with a 15" screen - I create a lot of presentations so I find a big screen easier to work on. And then I tend to set up a dual screen for emails using my Microsoft Surface.

Software: I am terrible for to-do lists. Trello has allowed me to do away with post-it notes and have everything in one place. I have a work board and a life admin board! I also have a subscription to Prezi; I use it for public presentations, scopes of work at the start of campaigns and project timelines. For me, it's a much more intuitive - and fun - way of presenting information.

Book: I’m currently raving to everyone about Born For This by Chris Guillebeau. The book promises to help you to find the work that you’re meant to do by showing you how to self-style your own career and turn your passions into paychecks. Unlike a lot of business books, Chris Guillebeau makes it plausible and practical, and provides you with a actionable framework for how to get to your end goal. In fact, reading that book cemented my decision to go freelance.

Idea: Years ago I did a public speaking course because I'd always been terrified by the prospect of presenting. During the workshop, the instructor explained that "fear and excitement are the same feeling". I've never forgotten that. Now every time I'm nervous, I tell myself I can't wait to get up and give it my best shot.

Person: Too many people to choose from! I'm very lucky that I've had a string of inspirational line managers, who I've learnt a great deal from and who have nurtured and encouraged me. But I guess a public figure who I've found impressive for a long time is Alex Honnold, the world's best free solo climber. I'm in awe of his ability to manage and surmount fear. He ascends calmly and quietly; every move is thought-through and strategic. During his ascent of the Half Dome in Yosemite, Alex froze halfway up and started to doubt his capabilities. But he didn't give up; he paused, composed himself, looked up and continued to climb. He says it's important to embrace the unpleasant parts too. How very true.

Naomi Bacon will be speaking at this year's FutureBook Conference. For more information and tickets, click here.