5 inspiring things: Marcus Leaver

5 inspiring things: Marcus Leaver

Marcus Leaver, chief executive of Quarto, on the things and people inspiring him to think and work differently at the moment.

Hardware: Books. I keep coming back to what a wonderful and perfect technology the printed book is, especially with the sort of illustrated books that Quarto publishes.

Software: WhatsApp - helps me keep in touch with Quarto people around the world.

Book: The Great British Dream Factory by Dominic Sandbrook (Penguin) - a celebration of British culture reminding me of the way the UK can continue to lead the world in the post-Brexit world we live in.

Idea: “Culture isn't the most important thing. It’s the only thing.” Jim Sinegal, co-Founder and former c.e.o. of Costco. Quarto has a hard-working, creative and tenacious culture, it gets better all the time.

Person: My executive assistant, Jo!

Marcus Leaver will be appearing at the FutureBook Conference 2016. For more information visit the conference website.