FutureBook 2021 Shortlists

The FutureBook Awards 2021 supported by Midas PR

Welcome to the FutureBook Awards 2021. This year we are focused on rebuilding the book trade after Covid. How can we grasp this opportunity to reinvent the industry for the better, rather than returning to a broken normal? How can we make publishing more diverse, more sustainable and more culturally impactful? What should we drop, what should we keep and where do we need to apply fresh and innovative ideas?

This year's shortlists have been announced. In total, 34 companies or teams have been selected across five categories in the newly unveiled shortlists: Campaign, Startup, Discover, Event, Sustainability and Team. Shortlisted candidates will showcase their entries at the FutureBook Conference on 19th November, where a live audience will vote for the winner. 

This year's FutureBook Awards are proudly supported by Midas PR.