Welcome to the FutureBook Awards 2021. This year we are focused on rebuilding the book trade after Covid. How can we grasp this opportunity to reinvent the industry for the better, rather than returning to a broken normal? How can we make publishing more diverse, more sustainable and more culturally impactful? What should we drop, what should we keep and where do we need to apply fresh and innovative ideas?

We are looking for visions of the future: projects, people and ideas that point the way to the industry's next era.

We know you are busy, so we are making it super easy to enter. Please submit a maximum 200-word pitch for outstanding work from the past year in one of six categories: Campaign, Event, Start-up, Sustainability, Discover and Team. The categories are deliberately broad, so think big and be ambitious. And yes, you can nominate on behalf of someone else (but keep in mind we'll need to contact them for the next round).

For Campaign and Event, we are looking for submissions that demonstrate clarity of mission, innovation and results. Campaign might encompass anything from complete strategy pivots to brand repositioning, campaign activism to virtual events (both publicity and marketing led campaigns can enter). Events can be any, from online to socially distanced to blended.

For Start-up, we are looking to honour the most innovative and potentially impactful publishing business founded within the past three years.

For Team, we're looking for a group in the UK who has made a powerful difference to the book business in the past 12 months.

There are two new awards this year that recognise the change we are all working through.

The FutureBook Discover Award will recognise an initiative that promotes under-represented writers and/or their books, including but not restricted to Black, Asian and minority ethnic, LGBTQ+, disabled, and working-class writers, with a particular focus on the output of independent publishers and small presses. This is an award for an initiative that amplifies these writers and this part of the sector, whether that is a bold new book campaign, a platform for new writing, an author recruitment drive, or a specific publishing programme.

The FutureBook Sustainability Award looks to recognise industry progress on the environmental impact of the book business and follows publication of The Bookseller’s Climate Issue on 15th October. This award is for an initiative, launched during 2021, that will either help to reduce the book trade’s impact on the environment through measurable objective, or which raises awareness of this problem with the aim of working towards measurable targets.

The deadline is 5pm on 4th October. If your pitch makes it onto the shortlist, we will contact you for a more detailed submission and you must be available for a filmed shortlisting session, which will be held prior to FutureBook, and then shown at the event. Winners will be revealed at the end of the conference on 19th November.

Awards Submissions Deadline: 5pm on 4th October

If you want to submit an entry to these awards, click on the button below and fill out the entry form.