FutureBook Conference Best of Lockdown Startup Shortlist

Best of Lockdown: Startup

The Shortlist

  • Onwe
    Diverse voices. Unique Stories. Books that stay with you for a lifetime.
    We are an independent publisher and lifestyle brand based in the UK. Founded by two black women in 2018, we want to disrupt the creative industries by offering opportunities to voices we need to hear more from. Onwe's mission is to amplify diverse voices.
  • Perlego
    The eBook subscription service for students
    Perlego is an educational eBook subscription service, providing access to over 480,000 titles from 3,000+ publishers for a monthly subscription fee. Having raised over £15 million to date, Perlego works with both individual and institutional users.
  • Proofcheck
    No more embarrassing typos
    Proofcheck, a machine learning web app, scans PDF proof pages looking for spelling errors, typographical mistakes, and inconsistent renderings of terms unique to a book, whether included in a stylesheet or not.
  • StoryPack
    Story-powered microlearning platform for the modern workforce
    StoryPack is an innovative Berlin-based tech startup helping busy professionals learn from business experts and colleagues through short stories/case studies. It has developed a microlearning platform, mobile and web apps their books get discovered.
  • StoryTerrace
    Turns life stories into beautiful books at scale using 100s of professional writers, an in-house editorial team and its proprietary software.
    StoryTerrace helps ordinary people to record their life story so that, in the future, everyone can learn about their grandparents and great-grandparents. From their offices in London and Los Angeles, the company takes care of the whole process.