Stoke Newington Literary Festival Preview

Friday 6th June

Gala Evening: Mark Kermode & Arts Emergency / 7pm / £10 / Stoke Newington Town Hall
Hosted by comedian Josie Long and featuring performances by Joe Dunthorne and Nikesh Shukla as well as Mark Kermode speaking her new book Hatchet Job.

Killer Girls / 7pm / Free / Stoke Newington Library Gallery
Four female crime writers talk about why they write about murder and all things unpleasant. Authors are Kate Rhodes, Lucy Atkins, Edie Kiglatuk and Charlotte Williams.

Reads Like A Seven / 8pm / £5 / Loading Bar
This event, about the best writing in video games, sold out at last year's festival. Curated by games designer Ste Curran.

Saturday 7th June

Books for Everyone / 10.30am / Free / Abney Public Hall
The children's festival is launched with this family event about diversity in children's books. Letterbox Library are celebrating equality and diversity and offering advice and recommendations.

How to write for Children and Teens / 11am / £4 / St Mary's Old Church
Two local authors talk about how to write for this market as well as getting published, followed by a Q&A.

Feminism 4.0 / 11am / £6 / The Unitarian Chapel
Journalist Sarfraz Manzoor talks to Lucy Bates from Everyday Sexism and Holly Baxter and Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett from Vagenda about fourth wave feminism and why we're still fighting sexism.

Typography as seen on a Dalston Type Safari / 12.45pm / £4 / Chocolate Factory
A talk about how typography transforms word and influences us which is explored through high street signage in Dalston.

The Science of Stars Wars / 1pm / £4 / Stoke Newington Library Gallery
Two scientists discuss whether the sci-fi epic anticipates real-life future science.

Mog / 1pm / Free / Stoke Newington Library
Celebrate the iconic Mog, the creation of Judith Kerr, with storytimes throughout the day.

The Virtues of the Table / 2pm / £6 / St Paul's Church
Philosopher Julian Baggini looks at the food we eat and its effects on our bodies as well as culture and society. Everything from why we take pleasure in eating what we've cooked to whether ethical labels work.

In Search of London's Lost Narratives / 3pm / £5 / The White Hart
Writers Gareth Rees and John Rogers explore alternative London writing.

Polari Pop-Up / 7pm / £5 / St Mary's Old Church
Hosted by Paul Burston and described by the Indepedent as "London's peerless gay literary salon" it features Peter Daniels, Alex Hopkins, VG Lee and Sophia Blackwell.

The Count of Monte Quizto / 8.30pm / Free / The White Hart
An anarchic panel quiz with "very silly questions about very serious books". Two teams of authors and other literary sorts compete against the audience for booky prizes. Rounds include ignorant Amazon reviews and ridiculous translations.

Sunday 8th June

Urban Sketching / 12pm / Free / Stoke Newington Town Hall
Join James Hobbs for a chat and a sketch as he shows you how drawing can change your perspective.

GastroSalon / 1pm / £5 / St Paul's Church
Three talkers/eaters/writers discuss their lives in food as well as their favourite pieces of writing about food.

Relationships in Science-Fiction and Fantasy / 1pm / £5 / Abney Public Hall
Ben Aaronovitch, Stephen Hunt, Mitch Benn and Jon Wallace discuss being a genre writer and the boundaries between sci-fi and fantasy.

The History of Type Told in Ten Album Covers / 2.30pm / £4 / Chocolate Factory
Exploring the history and development of type through record covers with Sarah Hyndman.

Lynn Barber in conversation with Suzanne Moore / 4pm / £8 / Stoke Newington Town Hall
Guardian columnist Moore interviews Barber about her career.

The Future of the Book / 5pm / Free / Abney Public Hall
Editor of The Bookseller Philip Jones, author Nick Harkaway and others discuss the future of books and publishing in the digital age.