Q&A with Lauren Kate

Q&A with Lauren Kate

Hope Mafokwane: When can we expect the Fallen movie to come out, and do you know if the other three will be made?
Lauren Kate: We are hoping for 2013 and as soon as I have firm details, I'll post them on my blog.

HM: Who can we expect to play Luce and Daniel in the Fallen film?
LK: I hope the casting director picks fresh, unknown actors who can grow into the role.

HM: What inspired you to write Fallen?
LK:The line in Genesis (6: 1-4) which describes angels falling in love with mortal women.

HM: When you started writing did you anticipate the books to be this big?
LK:I was just trying to write the best story I could - I'm humbled and amazed by the response.

HM: What advice would you give to upcoming writers?
LK:Be fearless. Be glib. Be enigmatic. Read. Never give up.

HM: Is there a chance that Penn might come back?
LK:There's always hope...

HM: Is there going to be a book where we can expect a love triangle between Luce, Daniel and Cam?
LK:I think it was called Fallen!

HM: Do you think the casting director would ever come to South Africa to cast new faces? That would be awesome!"
LK:I'll keep you posted!

Lauren Kate appeared at The Sun Comes Out On Moon Lane festival this week