Make your own book covers

Make your own book covers

Finished size:
Adjustable to fit any size book

You will need:
Liberty Tana Lawn in ‘Helena’s Party’, ‘Mitsi’ or ‘Willow’s Garden’, a lightweight cotton fabric in a print
Matching sewing thread

Measuring up
Width = height of book, plus 4cm for hems
Length = four times width of front cover, plus width of spine

Cutting out
Cut 1 rectangular slip cover piece for each book cover

Marking the fabric centre

Fold the fabric in half widthways and mark the centre of the long edges with pins. Press a 3cm turning to the wrong side along each short edge.

Pinning the cover

With the right side facing the book, wrap the fabric around the back and front covers of the book, lining the pins up with the centre of the spine. Pin the front and back of the fabric together along the top and bottom edges of the cover.

Stitching the cover

Slide the cover off the book and tack along the four pinned lines. Machine stitch right across the top and bottom of the cover, working a few reverse stitches at each end of each seam. Then clip a small triangle from each corner. Remove the tacking.

Pressing the cover

Turn the cover right side out and ease out the corners into neat right angles. Press the seams and press back the top and bottom hems at the spine along the machine stitches.

Slipping the cover on

Fold back the front and back covers of your book and slip the fabric cover in place.


The Liberty Book of Home Sewing is published by Quadrille