Five Things You Didn't Know About Romance

1. You have to be a fearless writer: Writers of women’s fiction need to look into their darkest corners - the innermost pain, secrets, emotions and fears they’ve never spoken aloud and then figure out which ones every woman feels and which ones are just because they are a little mad!

2. Women like sex: Oh yes, it’s not said around the water cooler, it’s supposed to be the male domain. But come on? More words have been written about romance than gardening!

3. Fifty Shades is better than Shakespeare: There are only two books that deliver sexual tension and live more in the readers’ imagination than it does on the page. Romeo & Juliet is a literary classic but 50 Shades awakened a generation!

4. Happy endings are so last year: Spoiler alert – she dies! Cue copious amounts of sobbing, Kleenex and "oh my God, you just have to read this book…" The journey has always been just as important as whether there are wedding bells.

5. Readers are selfish and impulsive or independent and decisive: According to a recent HarperCollins survey, 86% of romance books were bought as self-purchases, and there is a higher than average proportion of impulse buying among consumers of this genre! Romance readers, quite frankly – rock!