Webinar: The Global Influence of The Arabian Nights

Webinar: The Global Influence of The Arabian Nights

July 16, 2020

Spanning centuries and continents, The Arabian Nights is a monument to world literature and the ageless art of storytelling. The impact and legacy of the Nights is often underestimated, although its influence on modern literature - from Marcel Proust and James Joyce to Vladimir Nabokov and Margaret Atwood - is unmistakable.

This discussion, supported by the Sheikh Zayed Book Award, will unpack the legacy of the Nights and explore its place in western literary traditions.

Please join authors Marina Warner and Richard van Leeuwen, both of whom have won the Sheikh Zayed Book Award for their respective books exploring the Nights, and translator of Aladdin Yasmine Seale for a lively webinar, chaired by The Bookseller’s Features Editor Tom Tivnan.

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