The Bookseller Children's Conference

The Bookseller Children's Conference

Virtual Conference
September 28, 2020

This year's Children's Conference is going virtual!

As we turn to autumn, we are faced with a fresh set of challenges, which is where the Bookseller Children's Conference comes in! Following the success of our inaugural virtual conference in July, we are poised to help equip you for the months ahead, answering questions like:

How has the lockdown changed the market for children's authors and illustrators, and their books?
How do we retain and create value when so much IP has been given away for free?
How do we reach new audiences, and continue to acquire and promote diverse lists?
How do we support schools and home-learning right now?
How has lockdown changed attitudes to reading and new formats?

With over twenty virtual talks and panels across four days, this year's Bookseller Children's Conference will tackle these questions and so much more. We'll be turning to experts in their field for insight and inspiration, all beamed into your home to watch either live or at any time that suits you and your to-do list

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