Country Focus, Market Focus, and Category Spotlight information

  • CATEGORY SPOTLIGHTS are compiled by an expert in the field, and are their top picks of titles released over the forthcoming year.

    Previous Category Spotlights include Humour, Graphic Novels and Food & Drink

  • MARKET FOCUSES include a books preview section, again for the year ahead, and an expanded look at the market. Features-led, they may include some Nielsen analysis, interviews with key figures in the market, author profiles, and opinion-based pieces

    Previous Market Focuses include Travel, Audiobooks and University Presses

  • Our COUNTRY FOCUSES are editions with a specific focus on the publishing scene in a particular country, including analysis, features, a Spotlight for the region and opinion-based pieces

    Previous Country Focuses include Scotland, Ireland and Wales

HOW TO SUBMIT TITLES FOR BOOK PREVIEWS (for Market/Country Focuses & Category Spotlights)

Please note: the submission process has changed!

Submissions of AIs should be sent via email to the Books Co-Ordinator Tamsin Hackett. Please ensure file sizes are kept to a minimum. 

Submissions of proofs, sample chapters and large files: please email the above address in advance to make arrangements.

The Bookseller's 2021 Publishing Calendar

Category Spotlights, Market Focuses and Country Focuses are published regularly throughout the year - please check the publishing calendar for the latest information.

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