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Trade in transition waits on White House

At the end of a tumultuous year for the American book trade, with shake-ups at a number of big houses and organisations, comes a pivotal... Read more

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The e-book vaccine?

Despite the fact that so much entertainment content is now digitally delivered, physical books - at least up until this point - have continued to outpace the... Read more

The book trade map

Benedicte Page reflects on last year's international book sales, and the areas that have potential for growth in 2019. Read more

Nibbie returns for exports as overseas business rises

In the wake of a record proportion of turnover coming from markets outside the UK in 2017 (43%), The British Book Award for Export is... Read more

The EU strait-jacket

Britain’s economic future would be better secured outside of the narrow confines of present-day Europe, says Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan. Read more

Let's hear it for the publishers

The IPA's president Richard Charkin on the opportunity that the International Publishers Congress presents for British publishers. Read more

Scribd makes cuts to romance in its catalog

Scribd has announced to publishers and distributors that it is "making some adjustments, particularly to romance" in its $8.99-per-month ebook subscription service. Described by Mark... Read more

Publishers' Forum in Berlin: 'Reconstructing Publishing'

The 2015 edition of Publishers' Forum opened Monday (27th April) in Berlin with a determined tagline and programming to match: "How to Reconstruct Publishing:... Read more

2015: The shape of things to come

This time last year I wrote that we were just beginning to see the future shape of conglomerate publishing as the merger of Random... Read more


In the early noughties, The Bookseller ran an occasional series on “real booksellers”. Written by our former retail correspondent Richard Lewis, the idea was to... Read more

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