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The best laid Plan S...

Could limiting the avenues through which research can be published, as Plan S proposes, be detrimental to the wider academic publishing community? Read more

What’s the big idea?

Do you want to increase your creativity? Slowing down, working less and seeking solitude are among the keys to achieving a more varied output, argues... Read more

'Spear phishing' scams continue post-Frankfurt

The global rash of phishing targeted towards the publishing industry is continuing after the Frankfurt Book Fair, with at least one targeted company calling on the New... Read more

Frankfurt Book Fair 2018: Day Three

Frankfurt Book Fair 2018: Day Three

Igloo provides sanctuary for animal cruelty book

Igloo Books is partnering with the RSPCA to publish a series of novelty board books, sticker and activity titles, illustrated by Sebastien Braun. Read more

Oxford don's book on male sexual entitlement sweeps FBF

Bloomsbury has pre-empted The Right to Sex, a book about male sexual entitlement and #MeToo by Oxford professor Amia Srinivasan. Read more

Rana Dasgupta on the JCB Prize for Literature

The British Indian writer and literary director of the JCB Prize for Literature explains how a prize backed by a construction giant is enhancing the... Read more

Bonnier introduces more inclusive recruitment and BAME internship

Bonnier Books UK has launched a new recruitment policy and increased the salary for interns to £18,000 p/a (pro rata) in an attempt to be... Read more

Publisher warnings as cyber criminals attempt to pilfer manuscripts

A spate of global phishing scams attempting to access agencies’ and publishers’ manuscripts and other sensitive information prompted Penguin Random House North America to issue... Read more

Glastonbury Festival raises the bar for Trapeze

A host of big names—including several past headliners—have contributed to the official book celebrating the 50th anniversary of Glastonbury Festival. Read more

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