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The best laid Plan S...

Could limiting the avenues through which research can be published, as Plan S proposes, be detrimental to the wider academic publishing community? Read more

What’s the big idea?

Do you want to increase your creativity? Slowing down, working less and seeking solitude are among the keys to achieving a more varied output, argues... Read more

HQ snaps up book on pain management by Davies

HQ has snapped up "an accessible and practical" book on pain management by osteopath, coach and massage therapist James Davies. Read more

Brockman revels in success of Firsty’s lockdown pivot as Glassbox takes root

The founder and c.e.o. of the Firsty Group has reaped the benefits of having a broad portfolio in lockdown, launching a new consumer-facing e-book and... Read more

Obadiah M | 'I want readers of this story to understand there is hope after hopelessness'

Forced to flee Rwanda in the 1990s in order to escape the genocide in the nation, and fearing for his life in the wake of... Read more

Al-Hillal picks up the reins at esteemed Canadian list Anansi

Al-Hillal picks up the reins at esteemed Canadian list Anansi

Zebralution earns its stripes as audio grows through lockdowns

German audio platform Zebralution is enjoying a purple patch after listener numbers rose among locked-down readers, and is looking to further ally itself to the... Read more

Ivan Coyote: 'I found the pandemic to be a fountain of creativity for me'

Ivan Coyote, a multi-hyphenate creative talent from Yukon, reveals how lockdown fuelled their creative output, and why they will never again return to a gruelling... Read more

Guy Gavriel Kay: 'We all write the books we would like to read'

Prolific historical and fantasy novelist Guy Gavriel Kay shares what he learned from working with J R R Tolkien’s archives, and explains how Canada’s books... Read more

My Frankfurt Book Fair: Hattie Grünewald, The Blair Partnership

The literary agent and Bookseller Rising Star on Frankfurt’s charm—and the importance of taking a breather. Read more

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