My Job in 5: Ross Taylor, Head of business analysis at Igloo Books

My Job in 5: Ross Taylor, Head of business analysis at Igloo Books

Describe your role

My job is extremely varied and interesting. Most of the time I am working through an array of Excel spreadsheets. When sales data comes in from our key retailers I reprocess it to create usable information for the business. I then apply that information to our stock file to decide the print quantities of our future list. I also give my insight regarding future series. For example, if we are going to print eight new cookery titles I advise on what those eight lines should be.

What do you like best about your role?

I love having a job where I have a strong influence on the future of the business. It makes me feel really happy when I see a product go on to have massive sales that I have given the green light to. It even gives me kudos from the wife when we are browsing the shops at the weekend and see something I have been involved in.

Which great new titles have you been working on?

Cookery is still a huge, huge market but it is perhaps not dominated by the big names so much as it was perhaps three to five years ago. The internet has created a more level playing field where bloggers and vloggers are coming to the fore. I’d say therefore that the most exciting stuff on my desk at the moment is niche cookery.

What is exciting in the world of data at the moment?

Everything! My interest is piqued several times a day. I believe that companies with a good insight analyst are “playing with an extra man”. Ideas are only one part of it though, the insight analyst needs to sell his or her ideas to the c.e.o. or whoever holds the purse strings.

What advice would you give to those looking to work in the industry?

I joined Igloo after sending out more than 100 CVs to companies I would like to work for. As in other areas of life, perseverance is the key. People come and go and a “No” from a company today does not mean a “No” tomorrow.