My Job In 5: Rebecca J Hall, Graphic designer, The Bible Reading Fellowship

My Job In 5: Rebecca J Hall, Graphic designer, The Bible Reading Fellowship

Describe your role

As part of a small design team, every day is different. Among other
things, I work on cover designs, lay out the insides of books, illustrate
whenever it is required, design fundraising and marketing material,
create sample pages and design magazine articles. It’s lots of fun
balancing all the work and meeting deadlines.

What do you like best about your role?

Aside from the variety, experimenting with popular trends and
coming up with fresh ideas for designs, then, if approved, finally
seeing them printed.

Which great new titles are you working on?

Help! It’s the All-Age Slot, Valuing Money, 36 Ready-to-Read Assemblies
for Collective Worship, Walking in their Shadow, Core Skills for Family
Ministry, No-Rehearsal Nativity, The Whoosh Bible, Outdoor Church,
Messy Prayer and Bible Reading Notes for 2016.

What’s the best thing about working in design?

The freedom to be creative. The challenge of coming up with something
that’s aesthetic, eye-catching and appealing to the target demographic.

What advice would you give to those working in the industry?

Enjoying work is important. Is your company investing in you and
giving you opportunities to grow your skillset? Are you taking those
opportunities? Do you enjoy working in the team you are part of? Keep
looking for new ways to bring people together and build a positive
working culture.

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