My Job In 5: Juliet Harrison, executive publisher, Emerald Group Publishing

My Job In 5: Juliet Harrison, executive publisher, Emerald Group Publishing

Describe your role

I currently work as an executive publisher, managing a team of publishers and publishing editors. We cover a variety of subjects including management, operations and logistics, services, human resource management and education, and we focus specifically on journal content.

What do you like best about your role?

My role involves working with a variety of different departments within the business, particularly on project work. I really enjoy seeing how other teams and departments run and identifying how we can more effectively work together. I also love the challenge of managing a team of people with very different skillsets and personalities.

Which new projects are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently involved with the STM Early Career Publishers Committee. I’m part of the events team who organise events to encourage people to get into academic publishing. We recently hosted a speed networking event in London (17th February 2016) that was really well attended and highlighted the level of interest in academic publishing as a profession.

What skills are useful in an sTM publisher?

Like most jobs, you’re constantly having to solve problems and think outside the box, so flexibility is key. It also doesn’t hurt to be personable and approachable, as you deal with a wide variety of people, both internally and externally.

What advice would you give to those looking to work in the industry?

The industry is changing at such a pace that it is more important than ever to try to keep up to speed with industry developments. Attending conferences is a great way of getting a lot of information in one go, but I’d always recommend signing up to relevant newsletters to stay ‘in the loop’.