My Job In 5: George Theodoropoulos, Production Editor,  Hyphen SA

My Job In 5: George Theodoropoulos, Production Editor, Hyphen SA

Describe your role

I work as a production editor in English Language Teaching (ELT) publishing at hyphen SA based in Thessaloniki, Greece, overseeing the workflow of projects by planning and assigning editorial and design work on a global scale. Being part of an adaptive team that provides packaging and outsourcing solutions to various publishers around the world is a challenge that keeps me constantly on my toes.

What do you like best about your role?

Communication and teamwork can be very rewarding when implementing effective solutions so that large publishing projects reach completion. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing a book I’ve planned, that was once just a production schedule, coming into the office printed and ready for our clients to launch.

Are you working on any new projects at the moment?

There are various projects I have the opportunity to oversee and support at hyphen, from creating digital educational platforms to transforming the schoolbooks of countries in Asia using a rich array of design and illustration solutions. You won’t get any names and titles from me as all our projects are confidential until they are launched.

How popular is the English book market in Greece?

ELT publishing has been very demanding and innovative in past decades here in Greece. It is by no means an accident that there is a range of ELT publishers and a good number of great editors operating from here, on a global scale. Though we are discussing a small market in terms of numbers, the extensive demands have driven competition and produced a level of publishing and teaching expertise that is rarely available in larger emerging markets. What advice would you give to others working in the industry?

Being open to and dealing with challenges will bring experience and insight that is invaluable in a constantly evolving publishing world. Keeping an open mind about how to put your team’s skills and ideas to good use can create the breeding ground to produce just the solution you need for your next difficult task.

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