My Job In 5: Chris Auty, Course Leader, Creative Business for Entrepreneurs and Executives

My Job In 5: Chris Auty, Course Leader, Creative Business for Entrepreneurs and Executives

Describe your role.

I’m the course leader of the National Film & Television School’s Creative Business for Entrepreneurs & Executives course. It’s a one-year course that gives participants all the tools to design and build the media businesses—or new in-house ventures—of the future. We cover publishing, theatre, film, television, games, music and digital entertainment equally. It’s designed to be compatible with running a small business or working within a larger one.

What do you like best about your role?

We get to help the media business leaders of the future develop their ideas into a fully worked through business plan, and give promising young executives all the tools to help create innovative new ventures in existing companies.

Do you see much interest in entrepreneurial publishing?

There is a huge element of entrepreneurship in publishing—from setting up an innovative new business that streamlines the publishing business like Whitefox, to developing in-house apps and games to go alongside books for children.

Which new projects are you working on?

We are currently recruiting for our fourth year, while the current cohort are finalising their own cross-media business plans. There’s some very exciting, and very diverse, projects—from a new digital publishing business to an interactive film events company.

What advice would you give to those looking to work in the industry?

I think that the traditional “silos” of the intellectual property-based entertainment industries are breaking down, and those who understand the business of each—and how to move between them with ease—will be the most employable in the future. It also means that, in a world where freelancing is becoming more and more prevalent, knowing how to run a business is crucial.

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