My Job In 5: Carolyn McGlone, PR manager, David Fickling Books

My Job In 5: Carolyn McGlone, PR manager, David Fickling Books

Describe your role

As the sole PR role at David Fickling Books, I’m responsible for overseeing all aspects of PR for the company, from running national campaigns for our boutique list of titles and authors, to strategy and event management.  I work closely with all the members of our small (but perfectly formed!) team to ensure our titles are published to the best standard they possibly can be. We purposefully keep our list small to ensure that each author gets the attention and support they deserve—our aim is to grow in reputation rather than size.

What do you like best about your role?

What don’t I like about my role? I get the privilege of spending my time with some of the most interesting and accomplished people in the industry today and telling the world about their wonderful books. Building relationships with authors is always hugely rewarding.

What new projects and titles are you working on?

This month sees the paperback launch of Lisa Williamson’s bestselling novel The Art of Being Normal which I’m absolutely delighted to be working on. In hardback it became the bestselling YA début of 2015, and the paperback will continue to speak to the transgender zeitgeist happening in the UK at present. This is an exciting time for UK YA.

What skills are good for a role in book PR?

Enthusiasm. If you don’t care about the books and authors you are pitching, why should anyone else? If you enjoy reading the genre that you PR, work can very easily become a very enjoyable experience.

What advice would you give to those looking to work in the industry?

Collaborate. Children’s publishing is such a vibrant and supportive part of the industry, with so many parties all working towards the same goal of getting more children reading more books. Together we can achieve great things.