@JobsinBooks asks HR- Stephanie Hall from Harpercollins

@JobsinBooks asks HR- Stephanie Hall from Harpercollins

Name 3 things you are looking for in my CV

Relevant experience for the role you’re applying for, a very straightforward layout and a tailored and grammatically correct cover letter to go with it.

I Love Harper Collins- how can I get that across without acting like a super-fan?

Well, we love HarperCollins too, so you’ll be in good company! We want people that are passionate about what we do and the content we publish, so if you can channel all that enthusiasm into your application and your interview, we’ll be delighted! If you focus on two or three things that we’re doing that you particularly like, you can bring these up if we ask you during your interview what interests you about the company. (Handy HR hint: I always ask this in an interview!)

Do you care how many Internships I’ve done?

I care more about what you’ve learnt from them and what value you added to the team whilst with them, than how many you’ve done. If you can talk in depth about how you helped and what you gained from one placement, I’ll pick that over not learning anything in five placements every time! If I’m being honest, I do also find a lot of work experience off-putting in an application, but can understand how this would happen. If you love interning and enjoy gaining the publishing work experience, I’d recommend condensing them on your CV or only including the ones that are relevant to the role you’re applying for!

I am just trying to get in anywhere- will you notice?

Yes, but it won’t necessarily affect your chances – we work hard to keep our talent within the business and are really focussed on making vacancies as visible and easy to apply for internally as we can. A fab Commissioning Editor here started out in the Contracts department and a brilliant Editorial Director started in Sales. We understand you wanting to get your foot in the door but as long as you keep an open mind and are professional about a commitment you’ve made to a certain team (so don’t job hunt internally immediately – that definitely doesn’t look good!) we’re ok about it. In the end though, most people end up adoring the department they started in and stay!

I am not from publishing- does that matter?

Not at all. We actually actively look for people with different backgrounds so that we’re including as many views, experiences and ideas as possible to drive innovation and creativity where possible. 

Thanks Stephanie, some great advice here!  If you are working in HR or are in charge of hiring in the book trade and would like to interview @Jobsinbooks in Ask HR please email Maria.Vassilopoulos@thebookseller.com.