From home media to publishing

From home media to publishing

Rebecca Daniels talks about her career journey from the world of home media into publishing as head of marketing at from Egmont Publishing.

Describe your career before moving into publishing.

My previous marketing roles were at Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures Home Media, where I was responsible for managing theatrical, children’s and TV releases across digital and physical media. This included: DreamWorks Animation such as "Shrek The Third", "How To Train Your Dragon", and Nickelodeon’s "Paw Patrol"; theatrical films including Michael Bay’s "Transformers", "Iron Man" starring Robert Downey Jnr, Oscar® award winning "No Country For Old Men", J J Abrams' "Star Trek" and "Mission Impossible"; and hit TV series like "Downton Abbey" and my personal favourite "The Good Wife". Quite a variety!

How did working in another industry help you into publishing?

My consumer and retail marketing experience across children’s brands, coupled with my extensive licensor management was great training. Egmont is the UK’s largest children’s specialist publisher across books and magazines. It is a dream to continue working across such a diverse slate of licensed brands, fiction and picture books, alongside a passionate and highly motivated team.

What was your first role in publishing and how did you get the job?

As head of marketing at Egmont, this is my first publishing role. I applied through a marketing recruitment agency.

What would you say are the pros and cons are of coming into publishing from another industry?

I am thrilled to be working in the publishing industry. The pros include bringing a new perspective to the role, being able to apply previous industry learnings and a renewed appreciation for books. The cons include taking time to become familiar with the workings of a new industry and product lifecycle – although this would be true of any industry change.

What skills do you use in your current role that you gained earlier in your career and that have helped you progress?

My marketing, PR and commercial management skills have been invaluable. It also helps that I am surrounded by a very supportive team who have helped me settle quickly. In addition, my “career” as a parent, has been invaluable. I’m often using my expertise of four to seven year-old children to aid product development and hone marketing campaigns.

Why is publishing a great place to be?

Egmont’s passion is to make all children proud readers. Whilst the entertainment industry was fascinating, enabling children to read excites me at this stage of my career. There’s nothing more rewarding that I have professionally been involved with than watching a child read a book.

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