Five questions for Rebecca Smart about Penguin Living

Five questions for Rebecca Smart about Penguin Living

Penguin Living, a new consumer and business-to-business lifestyle brand from Penguin Random House, is the brainchild of Ebury m.d. Rebecca Smart.

The initiative is a series of live consumer events which will promote authors and experts specialising in personal development.

Penguin Living's Careers 360 Immersion Day in September will give people tools, tips and tactics to make the most from the world of work. Here, Smart answers five questions about the event and the wider Penguin Live brand.

1. Explain the role of immersion in a day about job hunting
The Careers 360 immersion day on 11th September at Conway Hall is about so much more than job hunting. It’s for those who want to spend time thinking about their careers – and that’s something we can all benefit from. There’s one session on applying for jobs, including CVs, interviews and presentation skills, but then you can also take time to think about managing and changing your career over the long term. And there will be lots of tips for your working life – how to improve your creativity and productivity, how to deal with stress and improve your work relationships, how to be a better leader. The Careers 360 immersion day will help you to find a job you love, or maybe to love the work you already do.

2. What kind of audience are you expecting on the day?
September is a good time for people to think about a fresh start, so we’re hoping for lots of well rested, curious minds – this day is for anyone who wants to be proactive in managing their career and take control of their destiny. Whatever your background, whatever industry you’re in, or if you’re not working at all yet, there will be something for you. We have authors Tim Vincent (Nail that Interview) and Caroline Goyder (Gravitas) running the ‘applying for a job’ seminar, and then ‘improving your career’ will feature Alice Olins and Phanella Mayall Fine, authors of the forthcoming Step Up: Confidence, Success and your Stellar Career in 10 Minutes a Day, and author of Screw Work Break Free, John Williams. Finally, John, Alice and Phanella are joined for the ‘career choices’ session by Kevin Rodgers, former head of foreign exchange at Deutsche Bank.

3. Are there more events in the pipeline?
We’re collaborating with Balance magazine to create monthly events. We have another event coming later this year, the theme of which is soon to be announced. And we also have a partnership with Psychologies to deliver ‘webisodes’ - we ran one featuring the Hemsley sisters earlier this month and there are more to come.

4. What is the main reason behind Ebury holding this type of event?
Penguin Living is an exciting audience-focused initiative that provides our authors with new ways to connect with readers both through and beyond the book. These events are the first examples in a range of services to inspire and inform our audiences so that they can live, work and play better.

5. What would be your biggest piece of advice regarding getting started in publishing?
There is a huge industry conversation going on online, particularly on Twitter – make yourself part of it. No matter who you are, where you’re based, you can do this. Get to know people and learn as much as you can about how publishing works and how it’s changing. Understand what today’s roles entail and where your strengths can be brought to bear, and try to think about what roles we might need in the future and how you can influence change.
More details about the Careers 360 immersion day on 11th September can be found on the Penguin Living website or on social media at the hashtag #DoItBetter.