Atwood Tate on 5 years in publishing recruitment

Atwood Tate on 5 years in publishing recruitment

What did you all do before Atwood Tate?

We’ve all come from jobs in publishing.  Quite a few of us come from a Rights / International sales background but we have some people from Editorial, Production and bookselling.  The common ground for all of us is that we love publishing but wanted to use our skills in a different context.  The best bit is we still talk to publishing people all day, every day!

Which areas of the book Industry do you cover?

We cover all jobs in publishing across Academic, Educational, Professional, STM, Trade as well as Not-for-profit organisations, Charities etc and anything related so all the industries that support publishing from Literary Agents to Rights & Licensing Agencies, Library suppliers and Wholesalers.

What has changed the most in publishing roles over the last 5 years?

It’s been an interesting 5 years – in 2010, there was a focus on adding ‘digital’ to job titles to ensure that roles involved print & digital. Over the next 3 years that dropped off as it became an ingrained part of the job without the need to highlight. And of course as publishers are striving to reach the consumer directly there have been several new roles such as Product Manager, Group Insight Data Analyst, Market Research Manager, Consumer Insight Manager and Marketing Systems Manager.  Interestingly, salaries haven’t changed that much.

How are you moving with changes in business needs, eg more digital skills desired by publishers?

We’re constantly having to keep pace with developments in publishing so that means getting The Bookseller news updates daily.  We’re members of the Publisher’s Association, ALPSP and the IPG so we get their useful alerts and attend seminars and events to keep informed.  Publishers are looking for new skills but they’re doing a lot of upskilling existing staff which is great.  Some are looking at getting people from outside of the industry eg from gaming or music, this can work if attractive salaries are offered, but equally knowledge of our very specialist and quirky industry is often vital.

What would you say to someone that is not sure of joining a recruitment agency to find work?

Firstly as a bargain hunter, it’s free so you haven’t got anything to lose. You can do it in several ways:

  • Signing up for job alerts and then getting in touch if/when something looks interesting.
  • You can register your details via our website so you’ll come up on our searches and we can then get in touch with. 
  • If you’d like some advice about your job search, career aspirations and to go over your CV in a 30 minute registration meeting, we can do this for you.