Author Interviews

  • Young and angry in Nigeria

    <p> Helon Habila won the Caine Prize, the "African Booker", for his novel 'Waiting for an Angel', about life in Lagos under military rule... Read more

  • Story of a late redemption

    <p> John Bird, founder of the Big Issue, was once a homeless runaway. He talks about his autobiography</p><p> John Bird, the founder of... Read more

  • Exploring unchartered waters

    <p> Gavin Menzies is making waves with his claim that early Chinese explorers pre-dated the discoveries of Christopher Columbus and Captain Cook </p><p>... Read more

  • A Trojan horse novel

    <p> Michel Faber describes the Victorian epic that took him 20 years to write </p><p> Canongate is investing major hopes this autumn in... Read more

  • What a capital game

    Tim Moore's latest book finds him pounding the streets of London, inspired by the Monopoly board After his various peregrinations across Europe for Frost on... Read more

  • A calm approach to anguish

    <p> Dorothy Rowe's books on depression and anxiety, first published in the 1980s, carry on selling</p><p> The books of Australian psychologist Dr Dorothy... Read more

  • The author who came in from the cold

    <p> Robert Littell has taken America by storm with his 13th novel</p><p> At age 67, journalist turned author Robert Littell has been reinvented.... Read more

  • Wish you were hip

    <p> Herbert Ypma's Hip Hotels series suggests exciting places to stay on your travels. In his latest book Ypma explains how "hip" can mean... Read more

  • Beyond the threshold of death

    <p> Garth Nix Sabriel (HarperCollins, September, &#163;12.99, 0007137303)</p><p> Australian author Garth Nix won both the Best Fantasy Novel and Best Young Adult Novel... Read more

  • A portrait of Venice, but with a twist

    <p> Mary Hoffman Stravaganza (Bloomsbury, October, &#163;10.99, 0747555338)</p><p> Mary Hoffman writes for older readers in her latest novel, which describes how Lucien, a... Read more

  • Two metres of entertainment

    <p> Philip Ardagh Terrible Times (Faber, October, &#163;7.99, 0571209521)</p><p> Two years ago, Philip Ardagh branched out from an established career writing children's non-fiction... Read more

  • The myth of the ritual stranglers

    <p> Kevin Rushby Children of Kali (Constable, 29th August, &#163;16.99, 1841193933)</p><p> The well-travelled Kevin Rushby, author of Hunting Pirate Heaven, has journeyed around... Read more

  • The man who studied himself

    <p> Claire Tomalin Samuel Pepys (Viking, October, &#163;20, 0670885681)</p><p> Claire Tomalin, biographer of Jane Austen and Mary Wollstonecraft, has taken the 17th-century diarist... Read more

  • The history of five minutes ago

    <p> Giles Foden Zanzibar (Faber, September, &#163;14.99, 0571205127).</p><p> Giles Foden, deputy literary editor of the Guardian, has managed to combine both critical acclaim... Read more

  • A family story with a difference

    <p> Jeffrey Eugenides Middlesex (Bloomsbury, October, &#163;16.99, 0747560234)</p><p> Jeffrey Eugenides, the American author of The Virgin Suicides, returns with the story of Calliope... Read more