Author Interviews

  • If you build it, they will come

    <p>In the five years since Borders arrived in the UK, both the American brand and its British acquisition Books Etc have grown steadily to challenge... Read more

  • The loverstudguy's story

    <p>At 17, David Henry Sterry was paying his way through college by working as a prostitute for the lonely women of Hollywood. "Chicken" is his... Read more

  • Understanding other cultures

    <p>New publisher Arris has an international perspective with particular relevance to the current political crisis in the Middle East.</p><p>An illustrated history of Iraq for the... Read more

  • A bit of a miracle

    <p>Headmistress Marie Stubbs achieved extraordinary change at St George's, the troubled London comprehensive whose headmaster Philip Lawrence was murdered in 1995.</p><p> In a gripping new... Read more

  • Don't stop moving

    <p> Trevor Goul-Wheeker is the consummate networker. The Hammicks m.d. can fillet a book launch like few others. Breezing from author to publisher to agent... Read more

  • Faerie Wars fulfils early promise

    <p>Whispers about Herbie Brennan's latest title, Faerie Wars (Bloomsbury, &#163;12.99, February, 0747559449), first started circulating before last year's children's fair in Bologna; pre-publication sales, which... Read more

  • Welcome for new Wynne Jones

    <p>It has been a long time since children's booksellers have seen a new Diana Wynne Jones title, so there is a lot of excitement about... Read more

  • A moment of weakness

    <p>Christopher Wakling's sure-footed d&eacute;but, a literary thriller titled On Cape Three Points (Picador, 23rd May, &#163;10.99, tpb, 033049340X), got its inspiration from a disturbing moment... Read more

  • Everyman for himself

    <p>Harlan Coben cements his reputation for page-turning thrillers with No Second Chance.</p><p> Harlan Coben has hit his stride. After building a solid US readership for... Read more

  • In snow and in sand

    <p>Crime writer Henning Mankell divides his life between Europe and Africa.</p><p>Belatedly, long after widespread success elsewhere in Europe, word is spreading among UK readers about... Read more

  • An ambiguous gift from a mother

    <p> Nicky Singer Doll (Collins Flamingo, 3rd March, &#163;4.99, 000715416X).</p><p>Nicky Singer's first novel for children, Feather Boy (Collins), won high critical praise and last year's... Read more

  • Murder on Big Moose Lake

    <p> Jennifer Donnelly A Gathering Light (Bloomsbury, 19th May, &#163;10.99, 0747563047).</p><p>This novel for teenagers by American writer Jennifer Donnelly is a subtly told coming-of-age story... Read more

  • In search of a lost snuggly-wuggly

    <p>Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell Muddle Earth (Macmillan, 7th March, &#163;12.99, 0333947991).</p><p>Writer Paul Stewart and illustrator Chris Riddell co-create their books in a rare working... Read more

  • A young detective obsessed by detail

    <p> Mark Haddon The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (David Fickling Books, 1st May, &#163;10.99, 0385605870/Jonathan Cape, 1st May, &#163;10.99, 0224063782).</p><p>There is... Read more