Author Interviews

  • Two metres of entertainment

    <p> Philip Ardagh Terrible Times (Faber, October, &#163;7.99, 0571209521)</p><p> Two years ago, Philip Ardagh branched out from an established career writing children's non-fiction... Read more

  • The myth of the ritual stranglers

    <p> Kevin Rushby Children of Kali (Constable, 29th August, &#163;16.99, 1841193933)</p><p> The well-travelled Kevin Rushby, author of Hunting Pirate Heaven, has journeyed around... Read more

  • The man who studied himself

    <p> Claire Tomalin Samuel Pepys (Viking, October, &#163;20, 0670885681)</p><p> Claire Tomalin, biographer of Jane Austen and Mary Wollstonecraft, has taken the 17th-century diarist... Read more

  • The history of five minutes ago

    <p> Giles Foden Zanzibar (Faber, September, &#163;14.99, 0571205127).</p><p> Giles Foden, deputy literary editor of the Guardian, has managed to combine both critical acclaim... Read more

  • A family story with a difference

    <p> Jeffrey Eugenides Middlesex (Bloomsbury, October, &#163;16.99, 0747560234)</p><p> Jeffrey Eugenides, the American author of The Virgin Suicides, returns with the story of Calliope... Read more

  • When the truth is told in a tall tale

    <p> Carol Ann Duffy Feminine Gospels (Picador, September, &#163;12.99, 0330 486438)</p><p> The poet Carol Ann Duffy, author of The World's Wife, talks about... Read more

  • In search of an upside-down world

    <p> Umberto Eco Baudolino (Secker&amp;Warburg, October, &#163;18.99, 043627 6018) trans William Weaver</p><p> The author of The Name of the Rose returns to the... Read more

  • The child who read too much

    <p> Donna Tartt, author of The Secret History, has spent 10 years writing her second novel. She gives her first interview on the new... Read more

  • Adventures in pornography

    <p> How two middle class twentysomethings, Victoria Coren and Charlie Skelton, made a porn film</p><p> Whatever pornographers are supposed to look like, it... Read more

  • Not just sand and camels

    <p> Michael Palin's latest journey--through and around the Sahara desert--was a richly varied one</p><p> Veteran traveller and former Python Michael Palin returns to... Read more

  • The human impulse

    <p> Justin Cartwright talks about his latest novel, White Lightning</p><p> Newly returned from a visit to Namibia, Justin Cartwright may be sitting in... Read more

  • How I played the game

    <p> Cricketer Mike Atherton retired last year--and completed his autobiography a few months later </p><p> Some recent autobiographers have given us their career... Read more

  • Singing in harmony

    <p> Adult and children's divisions are working together at Macmillan on a novel that spans the age groups </p><p> Macmillan is proclaiming a... Read more

  • Playing the fool

    <p> Tony Hawks' latest bet involves Norman Wisdom, Tim Rice and a big hit single in Albania</p><p> You have to be a certain... Read more

  • Living la vida Loaded

    <p> Phil Robinson describes how he got dramatic burn-out from the lad-mag lifestyle</p><p> Phil Robinson, a 28-year-old former staffer on Loaded magazine, says... Read more