Owen Jones to question failures of the Left in new non-fiction

Owen Jones to question failures of the Left in new non-fiction

Penguin Press is publishing a new non-fiction book from journalist and author Owen Jones: This Land: The story of a movement.

Penguin Press publishing director Tom Penn bought world English language rights from Andrew Gordon at David Higham Associates. This Land will publish in hardback for £16.99 on 24th September 2020.

This Land: The story of a movement will recount the introduction of Corbyn as Labour leader in 2015 that "seemed like a sea-change in politics" to "the electoral defeat of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party as the damning repudiation of everything it stood for" in last year’s December 12th election, according to its synopsis. It asks "Why did the Left fail so badly? Where, in this most critical of times, does that failure leave its values and ideas? Where does it leave Britain itself?"

Jones said: "I'm thrilled to try and make sense of the most tumultuous period in British politics since the war: both what happened behind closed doors in Westminster and throughout the country as a whole; about where it went wrong, and what the future holds for the Left."

Penn said: "With Britain at a crossroads, the question of ‘what next?’ has never been more important. Owen’s characteristically sharp, clear-eyed new book is a revealing, profound and much-needed contribution to a national debate with a global resonance."

Jones, a columnist for the Guardian, is author of the bestselling The Establishment: and How They Get Away With It, an exposé of Britain's powerful elites.