• The editor as hero

    By Clare Alexander


    Clear business benefits flow from allowing creative individuals to do what they do best Read more

  • An inappropriate action

    By John R Ingram

    The questions that are being raised about and its Booksurge division are alarming many of our publisher partners. Read more

  • Negotiating a pay rise

    By John Lees

    Are you putting more energy into worrying about your pay level than you are into the job? Read more

  • Is Amazon the new Google?

    By Philip Jones

    Editor at The Bookseller

    Google is probably well-used to being the bete noir of the publishing business, but Amazon seems to have decided to apply for the position.... Read more

  • PJS to Quercus?

    By Daisy Frost

    Agent Daisy Frost reports from Penguin Read more

  • Guilt free reading

    By Martin Latham

    Manager at Waterstones

    The whole idea of a "classic" is a piece of fogey imperialism that keeps people from reading. Read more

  • Of Guterson and Galloway

    By Elaine Szewczyk

    Steven Galloway and David Guterson's latest are among this week's pick of new titles from the US, as highlighted in The Bookseller's sister magazine Kirkus... Read more

  • A new elitism?

    By Gary Cummiskey

    Other at

    Indie publishers in South Africa have always had to deal with elitist attitudes, so the reluctance to accept the internet as a legitimate publishing medium... Read more

  • Chilled Bologna

    By Benedicte Page

    Bologna exudes an air of calm, but publishers are busy, while agents are protesting their relocation. Read more

  • Hopping to a new tune

    By Kieron Smith

    BookRabbit aims to put the soul (back) into online bookselling by giving book buyers and independent shops a real presence. Read more

  • 0.2 seconds to sell

    By Laurence Orbach


    Book jackets are often the only opportunity to grab people. They need to work harder to seduce readers. Read more

  • For the love of books

    By Victoria Arnstein

    "The pay is not great, but I love working with books"-no surprise that this is the main reason people stick to the publishing industry... Read more

  • Getting that first job

    By John Lees

    John Lees, career coach and author of <I>How To Get A Job You Read more

  • On page and pitch

    By Kate Mosse

    Critics of the Orange Prize are depressingly negative. All prizes have criteria Read more

  • A high risk affair

    By Barbara Casassus


    A bomb hoax, and boycotts over Israel, may have reduced numbers, but those who came applauded the new-look brighter Salon du Livre. Read more

The Official UK CHART

  1. 1.
    The Thursday Murder Club
    by Richard Osman
  2. 2.
    Joe's Family Food
    by Joe Wicks
  3. 3.
    by E L James
  4. 4.
    Fortune's Daughter
    by Dilly Court
  5. 5.
    You Are a Champion
    by Rashford, Marcus & Anka, Carl
  6. 6.
    Us Three
    by Ruth Jones
  7. 7.
    The Midnight Library
    by Matt Haig
  8. 8.
    Tom Kerridge's Outdoor Cooking
    by Tom Kerridge
  9. 9.
    Dark Tides
    by Philippa Gregory
  10. 10.
    by Maggie O'Farrell