• The invisible link

    By SYP Insider

    Other at

    <p>When a book sells well it's all down to the editor's astute judgement. But when it fails to sell, then it must obviously be due... Read more

  • The R&J brand can grow

    By Tom Tivnan

    at The Bookseller

    <p>The final &quot;Richard &amp; Judy&quot; Summer Read strand on Channel 4 is going out with a bang. No less than seven of the eight titles... Read more

  • Books are not music

    By Duncan Clark

    <p>I&rsquo;m the sort of person who should be excited about e-books. A hopeless technology junkie, I&rsquo;ve written books about iPods and am rarely off the... Read more

  • Books for free


    CEO/MD/Owner at Fat Face

    <p>Last year publishers and booksellers looked on in alarm as Radiohead made digital downloads of their album &quot;In Rainbows&quot; available from their website, leaving fans... Read more

  • A mystery guest in Edinburgh

    By Tom Tivnan

    at The Bookseller

    <p>The 25th instalment of the Edinburgh International Book Festival opened with two sons of the Kingdom of Fife: Ian Rankin in conversation with a former... Read more

  • Plenty more to come from Amazon

    By Neill Denny

    Other at

    <p>Abebooks, Audible and the Kindle: Amazon is on a roll. But as this bookselling superpower emerges, should we praise its success or fear its power?</p>... Read more

  • A climate of anxiety

    By Clare Alexander


    <p><a href=" Bookseller </i>recently drew attention to the fact that three authors had left their agents to join Curtis Brown</a>. This in fact is... Read more

  • An audience with Amanda

    By Anna Richardson

    <p>Cactus TV m.d. Amanda Ross gathered a group of publishers and retailers to the Cactus studios last week to unveil her grand plans for the... Read more

  • PN confidential

    By Daisy Frost

    <p>You know when you get one of those rare emails through that you know instantly is life-changing in a shriek-inducing, nail varnish-spilling good way? Well,... Read more

  • Naming the 'evergreens'

    By Tom Tivnan

    at The Bookseller

    <p>When I was helping to compile our <a href=" on Nielsen&rsquo;s &lsquo;evergreen&rsquo; books</a> &ndash; titles that have never, since records began, fallen out of... Read more

  • Stormy waters?

    By Paul Smiddy


    <p>So we now realise we have been spending at unsustainable levels for far too long, neglecting to save in the good times, and pushing up... Read more

  • Saving our libraries

    By Martin Latham

    Manager at Waterstones

    <p>Margaret Hodge, Minister of State for Culture, Media &amp; Sport, commenting on declining library usage, has lectured librarians on how they can increase visitors by... Read more

  • Bothered by the Booker

    By Jamie Byng


    <p><i>Canongate publisher Jamie Byng made his thoughts on this year's Man Booker Prize longlist known <a href=";page&amp;repl... the prize's website</a> yesterday. Following are his... Read more

  • The Booker circus

    By Philip Jones

    Editor at The Bookseller

    <p>And so the Booker circus begins with the publication of the <a href=" Booker Dozen</a>,&nbsp; a longlist consisting of 13 titles, some of which... Read more

  • Pick n Read in South Africa

    By Gary Cummiskey

    Other at

    <p>In a recent piece on <i>The Bookseller</i>, Graeme Neill <a href=" that UK supermarket chain Tesco aims to double book sales to &pound;200m within... Read more

The Official UK CHART

  1. 1.
    The Thursday Murder Club
    by Richard Osman
  2. 2.
    Joe's Family Food
    by Joe Wicks
  3. 3.
    by E L James
  4. 4.
    Fortune's Daughter
    by Dilly Court
  5. 5.
    You Are a Champion
    by Rashford, Marcus & Anka, Carl
  6. 6.
    Us Three
    by Ruth Jones
  7. 7.
    The Midnight Library
    by Matt Haig
  8. 8.
    Tom Kerridge's Outdoor Cooking
    by Tom Kerridge
  9. 9.
    Dark Tides
    by Philippa Gregory
  10. 10.
    by Maggie O'Farrell