• Bringing boys to books

    By Stephen E Andrews

    <p>Thanks to my mum, I was always a keen reader, fully literate before I started school. I loved wildlife and adored dinosaurs, devouring books about... Read more

  • A thrilling night for crime writers

    By Katie Allen

    Other at

    <p>Arriving at the ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards on Friday (3rd October), myself and fellow <i>Bookseller</i> journalist Benedicte Page found ourselves following a rather handsome Robson... Read more

  • Burning issues

    By Paul Smiddy


    <p>You must have heard that 17th-century tune commemorating the Great Fire of London, &quot;London's Burning&quot;, probably as a keening whine emanating from a child's new... Read more

  • Super Thursday in pictures

    By Victoria Gallagher

    <p>Today is <a href=" Thursday</a>, with more than 800 titles published, among them a hefty number of titles tipped by retailers as Christmas bestsellers,... Read more

  • Who's at the wheel?

    By Martin Latham

    Manager at Waterstones

    <p>Independent publisher The Little Bookroom has just produced Jamie Cahill's <i>The P&acirc;tisseries of Paris</i>. The book is as cosy and evocative as its subject and... Read more

  • The Jewel of Medina hangs in the balance

    By Neill Denny

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    <p>As we write this, Martin Rynja is pondering a crucial and highly-charged decision: whether to go ahead and&nbsp; publish <i>The Jewel of Medina</i> or not.</p>... Read more

  • An eventful weekend

    By L C Tyler


    <p>I was awoken by Ann in the early hours of Saturday morning, who informed me that our usually quiet square was full of fire engines... Read more

  • Prize overdrive

    By Sarah Boyes

    <p>Book prizes often have a superficial quality, although this season the cynics are out in force. Yet despite their lazy complaints about too many prizes... Read more

  • Is the superstore concept outdated?

    By Laurence Orbach


    <p>If this question were only about the book business, it might merit serious reflection. After all, while the roughly 20-year-old book superstore concept promised a... Read more

  • Trade squares up to credit crunch

    By Victoria Gallagher

    <p>Publishers, booksellers and librarians contacted by <i>The Bookseller</i> this week (see below) were optimistic in the face of the crisis, though some were concerned about... Read more

  • Go go gadget

    By Kate Mosse

    <p>Less than a month after launching, it's clear that the Sony Reader is a mammoth success. Waterstone's stores up and down the country have sold... Read more

  • Stories put to the text

    By Gary Cummiskey

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    <p>South Africa faces the challenge of boosting a book--reading culture, but because new books are expensive, access to libraries in rural areas is limited and... Read more

  • In the flesh

    By Tim Relf

    <p>I once crossed London in the snow to see Tobias Wolff.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> It was 2004 and one of only a handful... Read more

  • The unsung heroes

    By SYP Insider

    Other at

    <p>So you want to work in book production? Or maybe you're just curious as to what it is a production controller actually does? Whereas editors... Read more

  • Brought to book

    By Sally Floyer


    <p>The press has been buzzing in recent weeks over the withdrawal from the GCSE syllabus of Carol Ann Duffy's poem about disaffected youth, &quot;Education for... Read more

The Official UK CHART

  1. 1.
    by E L James
  2. 2.
    The Thursday Murder Club
    by Richard Osman
  3. 3.
    Us Three
    by Ruth Jones
  4. 4.
    You Are a Champion
    by Rashford, Marcus & Anka, Carl
  5. 5.
    The Midnight Library
    by Matt Haig
  6. 6.
    Tom Kerridge's Outdoor Cooking
    by Tom Kerridge
  7. 7.
    The Summer Seekers
    by Sarah Morgan
  8. 8.
    by Maggie O'Farrell
  9. 9.
    Sunny Days and Sea Breezes
    by Carole Matthews
  10. 10.
    Shuggie Bain
    by Douglas Stuart