• Publicity in a time of corona

    By Georgina Moore

    Director of Books and Publishing at Midas PR

    Just three weeks ago I had all been ready and excited for the Live From London event to announce the recipients of the Windham-Campbell Prizes... Read more

  • Remote, home-based publishing

    By Hannah Macdonald

    Founder/Publisher at September Publishing

    Some of what we have learnt about working at home as part of a publishing team over the past six years is true of all remote... Read more

  • Leveraging invisible work

    By John Howkins

    From the outside, publishing is showing signs of rude health. Read more

  • Catch and cull

    By Philip Jones

    at The Bookseller

    It is hard to imagine the concatenation of bad decisions that led to Hachette Book Group USA announcing that it intended to publish Woody Allen’s... Read more

  • Coronavirus Outbreak: Behind the Headlines

    By Jo Lushby

    Co-Founder at Pixie B ltd

    How China's book trade is coping with Covid-19 Read more

  • We need architects, not posters

    We need architects, not posters

    By Jared Shurin

    at M&C Saatchi’s Social Impact Practice

    In the 1930s, legendary public relations counsel Edward Bernays was hired by a consortium of publishers. They asked him to help with the deceptively straightforward... Read more

  • Asian Booklist: my response to the exhausting diversity debate

    By Kia Abdullah

    Author and Founder at Asian Booklist

    I don’t ever want to be pitted against Lionel Shriver because, frankly, I’m intimidated by her. Shriver is successful, wealthy and powerful and has that... Read more

  • Why small presses matter

    By Wendy J Fox

    Author at

    As more and more authors potentially feel disenfranchised by the larger counterparts, or feel like they never had a shot in the first place, small... Read more

  • Public health advisory: hire a scout

    By Lucy Abrahams

    at Lucy Abrahams Literary Scouting

    With Bologna postponed, and the Paris, Leipzig and London book fairs cancelled, editors and agents are worried they’ll miss out on crucial deals this year.... Read more

  • Seven days later

    By Philip Jones

    at The Bookseller

    This time last week, when I asked someone at one of the bigger publishers whether they had called off their London Book Fair party yet,... Read more

  • Holding on to ideals

    By Lennie Goodings

    Publisher at Little Brown

    Despite setting itself up under a somewhat traditional business model, Virago has managed to maintain its idealism in over 40 years of publishing Read more

  • The secret crisis of adult literacy

    The secret crisis of adult literacy

    By Ginny Williams-Ellis

    Chief Executive at Read Easy UK

    Excitement is building in playgrounds across the country this week as World Book Day 2020 approaches, and children everywhere will be encouraged to celebrate books... Read more

  • We are the glorious counterbalance to this climate of hate

    We are the glorious counterbalance to this climate of hate

    By Milly Johnson

    Author at

    “We are the glorious counterbalance to this climate of hate”: Milly Johnson accepts the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Romantic Novelists’ Association Read more

  • The Primadonna Prize - live!


    Primadonna was set up in 2019 by 17 women from publishing and entertainment worlds – the Primadonnas – who wanted to give a platform to bestselling as... Read more

  • The personal touch

    By Philip Jones

    at The Bookseller

    If ever there were two words to strike fear into the hearts and minds of the trade in the run-up to the London Book Fair,... Read more

The Official UK CHART

  1. 1.
    The Mirror and the Light
    by Hilary Mantel
  2. 2.
    The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse
    by Charlie Mackesy
  3. 3.
    Nothing Ventured
    by Jeffrey Archer
  4. 4.
    The Inn
    by James Patterson & Candice Fox
  5. 5.
    The Never Game
    by Jeffery Deaver
  6. 6.
    Five Minute Mum
    by Daisy Upton
  7. 7.
    One Good Deed
    by David Baldacci
  8. 8.
    Mrs Hinch: The Activity Journal
    by -
  9. 9.
    A Patchwork Family
    by Cathy Bramley
  10. 10.
    Addition and Subtraction Ages 5-7
    by Clarke, Peter