Why giving books means more at Christmas

Why giving books means more at Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, and some parents having already started the frantic shopping trip to bag the latest gadgets, the team at children’s book publisher Miles Kelly felt that now was the right time to remind people why the gift of a single book can mean much more than piles of presents this Christmas.

Our influence to start a Christmas book campaign has been taken from our m.d. Gerard Kelly’s recent visit to Zambia with the Book Bus, a charity Miles Kelly continues to work with to improve literacy in disadvantaged areas of the world, where children cannot easily access a book. Gerard found the experience utterly rewarding, yet understandably shocking at the same time. The children he came across were eternally grateful for the gift of a book, something that they couldn’t believe was theirs to keep, to admire and to learn from. 

About the experience, Gerard says:

“For me, one of the most memorable moments was visiting the brand new Reading Room in Livingstone, which the Book Bus had just built, and seeing kids of all ages lying on the cushions and mats just looking at the books and telling each other stories from the pictures.” 

The beauty of books is that they are all unique; they cannot become less special or be replaced with the next best thing. Once you have read them, you don’t throw them away, but come back to them again in the future. We still remember the books we read at school because books give us a lasting gift – a great story, the ability to time travel, an emotional experience, a new discovery, the key to our own imaginations and much more. 

As an independent children’s book publisher, Miles Kelly feels we speak on the behalf of many other publishers, book sellers and book lovers when we say that giving a book this Christmas is more important than ever to keep the act of book giving alive! With this in mind, we would like as many people as possible to get involved in the #booksmeanmore campaign and tell us why getting a book this Christmas would mean more to you!

Share your thoughts and photos using the hashtag #booksmeanmore and follow our campaign at www.mileskelly.net, on Facebook () and on Twitter @Mileskellypub.

Katie Hughes is marketing assistant at Miles Kelly