Ringing the changes

<p>You're now about a third of the way through the new Bookseller, and this might be a good opportunity to explain the changes.</p>
<p>The story starts, as is so often the way these days, with the web. The past year has shown us how powerful our website has become in terms of breaking stories, and generating <br />
opinion, and that is changing the way people read the news in the magazine. A huge amount of news is going first to the web and for many it is thebookseller.com that it is their initial news source rather than the magazine. News always gravitates to the fastest method of delivery, so this change is unsurprising.</p>
<p>But the volume and rapidity of online news has its flipside. It is harder to decide what really matters and what it all means. With this in mind, we'll develop a few big stories in real depth in print each week. Some will be exclusives, some will be exclusive twists on existing important stories. All will provide context, greater depth and analysis than online news. All the other news will be encapsulated in print in a shorter format, with web links to the longer versions of the stories.</p>
<p>The next major change inside the magazine is that we are grouping all content together more logically, and flagging each section up with its own colour to help navigation. So all general news and analysis is at the front, all nine charts are reunited in a single four-page section, and all the books content&mdash;book news, author profiles and previews&mdash;is brought under one roof. We are using more internal signposting throughout the title, to make sure everyone knows their way around.</p>
<p>The redesign also gives us the chance to bring in new elements. So, cover lines, a longer news style, more analytical pieces, regular international news, new children's fiction and non-fiction charts, splitting new titles fiction and non-fiction into different weeks, a regular picture page of events and a grid-style media, marketing and awards planner. Other elements will appear in the weeks ahead. We have also changed the size of the magazine, to pure A4, to assist advertisers, and moved the binding to saddle-stitched. This allows us to bind in the supplements (although they are still detachable in their own right) to give subscribers better value. </p>
<p>All of these changes have been arrived at only after extensive reader research, and much thought from The Bookseller team. The intention is to provide you with a better magazine, a magazine that is easier to use, has the information you need and is readable and enjoyable. I hope we have succeeded.</p>