With a little help from my friends

I’ve started this publishing company called Timeline Books. I know very little about how to publish books. Nevertheless this is what I’ve done.

I also co-own The Big Green Bookshop. Before we opened, I was pretty clueless about this too. I’d worked in bookselling for over 20 years, so I knew what a book was and how to read and stuff like that. But there’s a huge difference between this and actually opening and running your own shop. So what we decided to do was chronicle everything that we did to open the shop on a blog. This turned out to be a really useful and interactive way to share our story and also get a phenomenal amount of help and advice from the people who read it. It was and still is great fun writing on it.  

So, in a similar vein, I’ve decided that throughout the whole of the process of me publishing my latest book, an awesome collection of short stories by Joseph D’Lacey, I shall share as much of the experience as I can on the Timeline Books blog. I'll write about choosing the titles for the collection, editing, printing, obtaining ISBNs, e-books, budgeting, marketing and everything else that comes up.

I will no doubt make "hilarious" mistakes, and I will no doubt rely on you lot to help me out along the way. But I will be totally honest. I hope it's worth reading and maybe will give you an insight into one way of publishing a book. 
As a publisher, I want to be as interactive as I can, so there will be many times when I’ll be looking for advice.

Right now, for example, you can help me decide the title of the collection, by going to the blog and voting for the one you think is most appropriate. You see, you’re already helping. Doesn’t that feel good? Joseph will be writing on the blog too, so you’ll also be seeing things from the author’s point of view.

It’s bloody scary doing stuff like this, but I think Joseph is a superb author who deserves a much wider readership. His other stuff is superb and if I can get just one new reader of his fiction then it’s a good thing. Although I would prefer 500 new readers if I’m honest. 

Oh and the publication date will be 27th September, the same day as a little novel by one J K Rowling. So we might need all the help we can get.