Harry Potter exposed

<p>Needless to say, the week so far has been dominated by a certain teenage wizard. The Asda/Bloomsbury spat dominated the first half of the week, but now the main strand is the leaking of pages of the book on American websites, and, as I understand it, the book is actually on sale in US bookshops now.</p>
<p>What will the implications be here? The book has already been reviewed by the New York Times (actually, its a great review and it seems JK has done us proud) which may prompt UK newspapers to fly a copy back from NY and put their own reviews together asap. Or, British fans will peruse the book on the web and post their own reviews, quite possibly giving away the ending.</p>
<p>I suspect none of this will have any significant effect on first day sales but it does seem a shame that many fans will be buying the book with a fair idea of the ending. It also posts a real problem for the UK bookies offering odds on various potential endings, but I won't be losing any sleep over that.</p>
<p>Perhaps most of all the leak shows how effective Bloomsbury's security operation been here over this and the previous releases.</p>