Foyles full of Eastern promise

Foyles full of Eastern promise

If Foyles Stratford City is aiming to draw children and families into the store, I will place a bet its main attraction will be for the 'yummy mummies'.

The 5,000 square foot space—complete with trendy mezzanine—oozes funk, glamour and slickness, putting it head and shoulders above the others of the six for pizzazz.

The store has also drawn a top lot for placement—set in the ground floor Westfield Stratford City kids retail zone, the illuminated exterior with the signature block red and black borders featuring three artistic-looking square-shaped promotion spaces will easily catch the eye of passing clientele making its way to nearby John Lewis and Waitrose, but only once they have managed to drag their children out of adjacent kids' stores.

Whether shoppers will go for the tombola draw designed as a promotion to pull in custom over the opening weekend from tomorrow (Friday 11th November) until Sunday is another question, but with the guarantee of winning something, be it 10% off a book, a stationery gift or a £200 book voucher, I would say it was worth bothering to nip in to stick your hand in the tin. New Foyles customers are also likely to be attracted by Dannii Minogue, who is passing by at 6.30pm today (Thursday 10th November), to christen the place with celebrity sparkle while signing copies of her book Dannii: My Style for fans. While not necessarily the kind of star one would usually associate with a Foyles store, the publicity event will also pull in a different kind of market.

The shop's style features such as 'flying books' in the brightly coloured children's area will increase the likelihood of more families coming through the doors, along with quirky design features appealing to readers such as a striking floor-to-ceiling pillar of books, and the till point, also stuffed with titles. However, minus an in-store coffee shop, as a colleague of mine noted, perhaps they missed a key trick in attracting the parents for a well-earned refreshment.

But as far as a template for the hip modern bookshop goes—Foyles Stratford City is winning.